Labor & delivery and neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) teams at Baylor Scott & White medical centers throughout Texas make it a point to help support families who spend holidays in our hospitals. Below are recent examples of their efforts, as well as links to photos of our tiny Texans getting in the spirit of the holidays.



TINIEST TEXANS ™ – Little Love Bugs Edition

Tis’ the season for hugs, kisses and little love bugs!! Tiniest Texans ™ make for the best love bugs and can’t wait to share all their cuddles and kisses.

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TINIEST TEXANS – We Are The Champions Edition

Babies at Baylor Scott & White Health in Texas and Piedmont Health in Georgia are going toe-to-toe and rooting for their home teams playing in the 2023 College Football Playoffs National Championship.

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TINIEST TEXANSTM Sweet as Pie Edition

We are always thankful for sweetie pies and baby thighs, but turkey day is so much sweeter with these little turkeys around! Baylor Scott & White Health and our Tiniest Texans wish you and your family the sweetest Thanksgiving.

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TINIEST TEXANSTM Monster Mash Edition

It's a party for all of the tiniest ghouls and goblins at Baylor Scott & White Health. The Tiniest Texans ™ are the best treat their "mummys" could ask for, and they are celebrating in style for their first Halloween. Happy Halloween to all of our little monsters!

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National NICU Awareness Day

In every season, Baylor Scott & White Health Neonatal Intensive Care Units celebrate the minor and major milestones of our Tiniest Texans "¢. Today, we celebrate the accomplishments of all NICU babies, families, and staff. Happy National NICU Awareness Day!

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TINIEST TEXANSTM The Super Squadron: Operation Great Balls of Fire

Operation Great Balls of Fire will liberate Texas from this brutal summer, and The Super Squadron was born to handle the heat! With sweet smiles, snuggles, and teamwork, these beloved Tiniest Texans will save us all and lead us to a better future.

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The future of America has arrived! These Tiniest Texans are showing off their red, white and blue and are proud to be Born in the USA.

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TINIEST TEXANSTM Bunny Kisses & Easter Wishes

We rejoice for the many blessings that come with Spring: flowers, chocolate bunnies, and Tiniest Texans! Sending you Bunny Kisses & Easter Wishes from the newest €œlittle peeps€ at Baylor Scott & White Health.

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TINIEST TEXANSTM Hugs and Kisses Edition

What€™s sweeter than chocolate? The hugs and kisses our families give their newborns on this Valentine€™s Day. As our families express their affections to their newest editions, we are grateful to help make these moments special. Remember babies are better than roses and candy. With love, Tiniest Texans.

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TINIEST TEXANSTM 2022 New Year Edition

As we welcome in 2022, we are especially excited to welcome all newborns this coming year. From all of our Tiniest Texans, we wish all our newborns and expectant families a Happy New Year!

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TINIEST TEXANSTM Sweetest Gift Edition

Some of the sweetest gifts are not found under a tree, but in the loving arms of families. We are thankful to have delivered so many precious gifts at Baylor Scott & White. From all of our Tiniest Texans, we wish you and your family a Merry Christmas!

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TINIEST TEXANSTM Little Turkey Edition

With so much to be thankful for, we celebrate all the families with newborns this year. Now before you eat, feast your eyes on some of these little turkeys at Baylor Scott & White. They are sure to fill you with joy. Happy Thanksgiving from our Tiniest Texans!

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TINIEST TEXANSTM No Tricks All Treats Edition

What's better than any trick? Our newest Tiniest Texans are the sweet treats that are sure to bring smiles to faces. With cuteness and costumes these little cuties are way better than any candy, especially candy corn!

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TINIEST TEXANSTM Homecoming 2021 Edition

Who’s got spirit?!? These Tiniest Texans sure do, and they’re showing off their school pride while they get ready for their own special homecoming! And as they cheer their favorite team to victory, these adorable fans are sure to win your heart.

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TINIEST TEXANSTM Champions Edition

When it comes to the cuteness of our Tiniest Champions, most will say there is no competition. Here is a tribute to being born in the USA, especially in Texas 😊

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TINIEST TEXANSTM 2021 Fourth of July Baby Boom Edition

Just before the 4th of July, it has been all fireworks as Labor and Delivery teams at Baylor Scott & White have been busy delivering babies. Check out a recent double baby boom at our hospital in Fort Worth.

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TINIEST TEXANSTM 2021 Father€™s Day Edition

On this Father€™s Day, these TINIEST TEXANSTM get to show off their main men. These sweet babies showed up just in time to gift cuddles and kisses to their dads. Check out these adorable father-baby duos, and don€™t forget to hug your dad today!

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TINIEST TEXANSTM 2021 UTX Mother€™s Day Edition

Celebrating all of our first-time mothers through our uterus transplant program at Baylor University Medical Center €" Dallas and their little bundles of joy!

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TINIEST TEXANSTM 2021 Draft Edition

With the 2021 NFL Draft complete, the team at Baylor Scott & White is busy delivering the next generation of fans.

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Move over Easter Bunny! We€™re delivering the sweetest, most adorable little gifts this Easter. Check out these Tiniest Texans here to brighten your holiday.

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TINIEST TEXANSTM Ugly Sweater Edition

Even in the ugliest holiday sweaters, these babies prove that good things come in small packages. The most wonderful time of the year is made complete with these bundles of joy, who are sure to make it on Santa€™s nice list. We€™re excited to celebrate the holiday season with our tiniest patients who are dressed to impress.

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TINIEST TEXANSTM Goo Goo Gobblers Edition

Before you begin your Thanksgiving dinner, feast your eyes on these adorable little turkeys. They are sweeter than pumpkin pie, and we are stuffed full of gratefulness that these families shared their special moment with us. Happy Thanksgiving!

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This Veterans Day, these Tiniest Texans are saluting the brave men and women who have served our country. Be sure to thank a veteran for protecting the future of these little ones.

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These little bundles of pumpkin spice and everything nice are here to bring a new level of adorable to your Halloween. We are thrilled to celebrate this holiday season with this new batch of babies and their families €" reminding us all that good things really do come in the smallest packages.

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Each and every day, our labor and delivery teams at our Baylor Scott & White hospitals are honored to support families in welcoming their newborns. On this Labor Day, we celebrate some of our newest Tiniest Texans. It must be hard work to be this cute!!

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Love is always in the air when we welcome our TINIEST TEXANSTM into the world, and that's especially true on Valentine's Day. So, get ready to be struck by Cupid's Arrow and fall in love. Who needs chocolates and candy when we've got these Valentine's sweethearts born at Baylor Scott & White hospitals across Texas?

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Baylor Scott & White is proud to announce the first births of 2020. These bundles of joy arrived at our hospitals across the state of Texas helping to ring in the new decade. We want to celebrate the amazing mothers as they welcome their precious little ones to the world.

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25 Babies of Christmas 2019


Our maternal care team across the state of Texas encapsulate the holiday spirit by caring for families no matter their stay in our hospital. From two days to prolonged months we have a special place in our heart for our tiniest patients at Baylor Scott & White. For Christmas, we present 25 photos of babies born at Baylor Scott & White.

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Little Warriors Edition

In a hospital far, far, away€¦Temple, Texas to be exact, there are tiny warriors who remind us all of their strength and their will to fight. Together, with the support of their families they are an unstoppable force. We have spoken.

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Thankful For All The Babies We Get To Care For

Each and every year, we are thankful to serve some many families at our Baylor Scott & White Medical Centers across the state of Texas.  As many prepare to enjoy the holiday season, we want to celebrate our tiniest patients and their families who are spending their first Thanksgiving together.

These new additions feature week-old newborns, including multiple sets of twins, and babies in our neonatal intensive care units

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A Parade of Little Ones Celebrate the 4th of July

To celebrate and commemorate the 4th of July holiday, babies born at Baylor Scott & White Medical Centers throughout Texas display their patriotic outfits with pride. 

These tiny Texans include newborn and neonatal intensive care unit patients donning their red, white, and blue to celebrate their first Independence Day in style!

From recently born to two-months old, these patriotic babies are loved by their family and care team members.

Click to see more 4th of July themed babies below.

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Welcoming Our New Year Babies

Baylor Scott & White Medical Centers across Texas welcomed their first births of 2019. As the clock struck midnight, labor & delivery units were busy welcoming the newest bundles of joy into the New Year.

Ranging from six to nine-pounds, these sweet New Year babies were welcomed with open arms by family and care team members. Click to see more New Year babies below.

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Our TINIEST TEXANSTM Getting in the Holiday Spirit

To help make the hospital feel more like home during the holidays, care teams at Baylor Scott & White Medical Centers across the state helped spread holiday cheer with visits from Santa, festive holiday hats for the babies and family fun activities.

The tiny Texans appearing in these photos range in weight from 2-pound premature infants to full-term babies, and include one set of quadruplets, who were born to a mother in Waco this year.

These bundles of holiday joy bring love not only to their families but also to our staff, who care deeply for their smallest patients. View Photo Gallery

You can see and share more tiny Texans, as we count down the 12 days of Christmas on Instagram @bswhealth #12bundlesofjoy.