Dr. Kevin Wheelan

Dr. Kevin Wheelan

Dr. Kevin Wheelan performing a cardiac electrophysiology test at the Jack and Jane Hamilton, opened 2002.
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1983 - Baylor establishes Diagnostic Center for Digestive Diseases
1982 - Dr. Steven E. Harms named director of MRI department
1992 - Dr. Robert W. Jackson named chief of orthopaedics at Baylor University Medical Center
1939 - First Female Orthopadic Surgeon Joins Medical Staff at Baylor
1983 - Baylor Acquires Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Scanner
1983 - Baylor Acquires MRI Machine
Amie Garrison - First Liver Transplant Recipient
Jennifer Kennedy - Living Liver Donor
1984 - First Liver Transplant Recipient
1986 - BUMC's first heart transplant
1984 - Baylor Recruits Dr. Goran Klintmalm
1984 - First liver transplant recipient at BUMC
2002 - Baylor Celebrates 2,000th Liver Transplant
1983 - North Texas' first bone marrow transplant
Laboratory in Lieberman building
Instrumented Spatial Linkage Device
Jacques Banchereau, Ph.D., and Joseph W. Fay, M.D.
Karolina Palucka, M.D., Ph.D., and Goran Klintmalm, M.D., Ph.D.
Marvin J. Stone Library within the Lieberman building
Marvin Stone, M.D.
Michael Ramsay M.D., President of BRI, with Jean Davoust, Ph.D
1984 - Goran Klintmalm Recruited to Start Transplant Program at Baylor Dallas
Baylor Kimberly H. Courtwright and Joseph W. Summers Institute of Metabolic Disease
1998 - Zelig H. Lieberman Research Building Opens
Laboratory in Lieberman building
Interventional Radiologists
Baylor Tom Landry Center, pool facilities
Caring Hearts Program
Dr. Kevin Wheelan
Baylor Establishes the First Vascular Training Program in the Country
Baylor Tom Landry Center
Physical conditioning at Baylor Tom Landry Center
Athletic performance testing at Baylor Tom Landry Center
Mary Anne and Richard Cree Auditorium
da Vinci Surgical Unit
F. Andrew Bell Clinical Library
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