Dr. Kevin Wheelan

Dr. Kevin Wheelan

Dr. Kevin Wheelan performing a cardiac electrophysiology test at the Jack and Jane Hamilton, opened 2002.
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Ambulance at Florence Nightingale Hospital
Aerial view of Baylor University Hospital Campus, 1938
Florence Nightingale Hospital, deluxe private room, 1937
Florence Nightingale Hospital lobby
1950s - Baby Boom Causes Overcrowding at Florence Nightingale Hospital
1937 - Florence Nightingale Maternity Hospital Opens
1938 - The Blue Cross Plan Born at Baylor
Nurses with patient, 1928
Cary Hall, Baylor College of Medicine, 1922
Children's Building, Baylor Hospital, 1922
Patient listening to morning chapel service on radio
Medical Residents, 1923
Reverend C. Roy Angell
Hospital chapel service, 1930
X-Ray Department, 1920s
1920s - School of Pharmacy, Baylor Dallas campus
1916 - Rev. Louis Waterman, first Baylor Chaplain
1920s - Baylor School of Pharmacy
Researcher in laboratory, 1930s
Baylor Medical Campus, 1939
Medical Laboratory Equipment, 1930s
New London blood drive, 1937
Dr. Hill Receives Marchman Award, 1947
1938 - ADTEVAC Machine Invented at Baylor
The 56th staff with patients
Officers and nurses of the 56th
German prisoner patients being evacuated after treatment
Graduating Class, Baylor School of Nursing, 1937
Surgery at the 56th
Officers and nurses of the 56th
The 56th at Scarperia
The 56th Evacuation Hospital
Baylor Nurses Lieutenant Brantley and Black
Lawrence Payne with New In-Room Oxygen System
Baylor's one-millionth patient, June 17, 1964
1955 - Boone Powell Sr. at inauguration as President of THA
1949 - Construction of Truett Memorial Hospital
1948 - Plans Begin for New Truett Hospital
1950 - George W. Truett Memorial Hospital opens
Wall in lobby of Veal Teaching and Research Hospital
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